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Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a computer controlled, non-contact engraving process using a laser beam which engraves directly into a variety of organic and inorganic materials. There are many applications and purposes for laser engraving such as:

  • Personalization
  • Identification
  • Creation
  • Manufacturing
  • Decoration and more

Engrave beautiful laser perfect designs, photographs, images and artwork into most materials. Laser engraving achieves more complex and accurate outcomes than traditional engraving methods.

With over 25 years of experience in laser engraving, Martian Laser uses state of the art high powered lasers to engrave and mark items, products and objects. We achieve the highest resolution images into most materials with precision and accuracy, bringing you top quality laser engraving services.

Laser Engraving Benefits

Speed – A fast, versatile “item decoration” solution for a full range of items and products for all markets.

Versatility – Allows us to reproduce any design or image into most materials. Laser engraving is the choice method over other engraving systems for engraving photographs and raster images.

Personalization – Personalize items and create unique one-of-a-kind gifts in an elegant fashion. Items in large production runs can be individually personalized with different content unlike printing and other decoration methods.

Quality – Laser Engraving achieves a crisp elegant outcome creating a hi-quality permanent etch mixing old traditions with new technology.

Savings – Laser engraving is high speed engraving which produces shorter production times, saving you money. Engraves raster and vector based producing very reasonable setup fees.

Laser Engraving FAQs

Why choose laser engraving? – With a laser engraver, we can engrave beautiful laser perfect artwork, photographs, images and designs into most any material.

What kind of designs can be laser engraved? – Any design that you can come up with can be laser engraved. We can engrave text in any language, any font, with any design, drawing, illustration or photograph.

What type of files are required for laser engraving? – No matter what file type you have, (even if it’s a hand drawing on a napkin with a crayon), Martian Laser can laser engrave it. Our Art Department offers professional illustration services to assure we achieve the best outcome on your laser engraving. For detailed instructions on file types and uploading artwork, please visit our Artwork Guidelines page.

How accurate is your laser engraver? – The accuracy of our laser engraving system is +/- .01″ (.254mm)

What materials can be laser engraved? – Laser engraving can etch most material surfaces, and can achieve a deep engraving into a wide range of materials. Please see Laser Engraving Materials as well as the CO2 Laser Engraving chart below.

Laser Engraving Materials

Laser Engraving into Wood – A laser engraver can be used to engrave into all types of wood, creating a beautiful “burn” effect of intricate images and designs. Most woods darken once they are laser engraved, however some woods exhibit a more subtle effect. To go beyond ordinary wood engraving effects, we adjust the engraver settings and prepare the art file to achieve the highest quality outcome. Different depths, powers and speeds, mixed with stains, inlays and paint fills adds an unmatched dimension to Martian Laser’s wood laser engraving service.

Laser Engraving into Glass – Hi resolution text and images can be engraved into glass by laser engraving, creating a beautiful surface etch, leaving a sheen frost effect. Laser engraving is the best option for engraving glass when you are looking for the most economical route, especially on large production runs. Choosing laser engraving as your glass etching method is also your best option when looking to achieve the finest detail, as other glass engraving methods may not match the intricacy of the laser.

Laser Engraving into Plastic – Plastic engraving and marking is achieved by laser engraving. Depending on the plastic type, the engraved outcome may differ. In cast acrylic, laser engraving creates a frost look while achieving depth, highlighting the engraving making it pop, especially when lit with L.E.D. lights. Martian Laser carries multiple lines of plastic sheet stock manufactured especially for the laser industry, opening up a new world of possibilities. Plastic materials that can be laser engraved include acrylic, ABS & PLA, polycarbonate and polypropelene. For marking plastics including color change, please see Lasermarking page.

Laser Engraving into Metal – Laser engraving is used to engrave coated metals such as anodized aluminum, powdered coated steel, and other painted metals. Laser engraving these coated metals discolors, or removes the coating usually resulting in a whitish/gray to silverish outcome. Laser engraving into coated metals allows us to speed the laser engraver to just about max speed, which makes laser engraving the most feasible route to mark metals. If your metal is uncoated, or a CO2 laser is unable to mark it, a laser marking solution may be used or a fiber laser engraver may be needed. Please visit our Lasermarking page for more information regarding laser marking bare metals.

Laser Engraving into Stone – A surface etch into most stones, laser engraving can provide personalization and decoration into granite, marble, rocks, slate and more. Laser engraving is a popular method to reproduce an image into stone, preferably darker polished natural stones such as granite or marble, achieving a “grayscale” result which may depict a black/white photo. Laser engraving is also used to create sub-surface patterns and designs into stones and tiles. Other applications for stone laser engraving are headstones, corporate and sports awards, paperweights, and pebble stones.

Laser Engraving into Leather – Engraving natural and synthetic leather using a laser engraver burns the leather surface and changes the color, darker or lighter depending on the leather type and color. Surface etching and engraving depth into leather can both be achieved using a laser engraver. Along with a nice contrast, the engraved design withstands wear and tear, making this elegant and durable option of decorating leather more and more popular. Common leather items we laser engrave are wallets, belts, gloves, briefcases, and engraved leather gifts.

Laser Engraving into Cork – Cork is a very durable engraving medium and has grown in popularity in the engraving and item decoration industry. When engraving into cork, the laser burns a design leaving a rich dark outcome with great texture and contrast. Some popular cork items we engrave are personalized cork wine stoppers, cork coasters, and custom engraved cork bulletin boards for home, school, or office.

Laser Engraving Textiles – Engrave text, designs, and photos into textiles and fabrics including linen, cotton, denim, silk, fleece, polyester, felt, microfiber, canvas and more. A laser engraver achieves beautiful results into all textiles by burning away from the top layer of the material. As most textiles are thin, we control the settings and speed the machine up with low power, so it only engraves enough to create the desired outcome and not ruin the material. The increased speed also lowers engraving time which saves you money.

Laser Engraving into Food – Hey just because we eat it doesn’t mean we can’t engrave it! Martian Laser engraves different food items creating everyday edibles into personalized gifts. We can laser engrave pies, chocolates, pumpkins, watermelons, cookies and much more.