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Rotary Engraving

For a more traditional “engraved” look, Rotary engraving grooves into materials such as metal, plastics and glass, achieving very slight depth with a nice finish effect. Rotary engraving is common when personalizing metal producing faceted subsurface cuts. As it is computer controlled, rotary engraving allows…

Common applications for rotary engraving are:

  • Personalized gifts
  • Jewelry engraving
  • Plastic and metal signage including ADA signs
  • Tools and parts engraving
  • Bridal engraving
  • Trophies and awards

Martian Laser offers rotary engraving services for gift items, firearms, jewelry, weddings and more. Rotary engraving leaves an fine groove engraving which adds class and elegance to traditional style. Our specialty rotary engraver is very versatile and can engrave just about anything that can fit in it. Although it is most commonly used for the awards industry, we rotary engrave swords, mobile phones, medical instruments and more.

Rotary Engraving Benefits

Versatility – Engrave on round, curved or flat surfaces on many materials with a consistent depth. The major advantage rotary engraving has over other engraving systems is it can engrave just about any metal, coated or uncoated.

Identification – Quickly mark serial and identification numbers on metal and plastic materials such as tools, parts, and valuables like jewelry and electronics.

Longevity – Rotary engraving uses a spindle to dig into the material, leaving a permanent engraving which can only be removed by damaging the item.

Compliance – Rotary engravers are used to make ADA compliant signs, and meets ATF requirements for serialization into firearms.

Rotary Engraving FAQs

Why choose rotary engraving? – Rotary engraving is a decoration and marking method which can be used on a wide range of items including round, flat, deep and odd-shaped items made of a variety of materials.

What kind of designs can be rotary engraved? – Rotary engraving is computer controlled which allows most designs to be recreated into a range of materials. Rotary engraving reproduces your design by groove engraving lines into your material. Solid text and design is best for rotary engraving opposed to photographs and halftone images.

Can you engrave the inside of a wedding ring with a rotary engraver? – Yes, we can engrave the inside and the outside of a wedding ring with our ring attachment device for our rotary engraver.

Does your rotary engraver cut materials as well as engrave? – Our rotary engraver has the capability to engrave and cut materials as it is a cnc router/engraver. However, we usually use other cutting methods to cut materials into different shapes. Please see our Cutting page for more details.

What materials can be rotary engraved? – Rotary engraving can be used to engrave nearly any metal, any plastic, glass and wood. For a full list of rotary engraveable materials, please see the Rotary Engraving Material Chart below.

Rotary Engraving Materials

Rotary Engraving into Metal – Rotary engraving offers personalization, serialization, and identification into metals including jewelry, engraveable gifts, tools and parts and more. Once engraved, the outcome is a bright and shiny permanent engraving leaving a classic look and feel, preserving the original color of the material. Rotary engraving can be used to engrave into coated, uncoated, precious, or semi precious metals.

Rotary Engraving into Glass – Rotary engraving can be used to engrave glass, creating a frosted grooved outcome. The machined cut into glass by the rotary engraver is an elegant engraving with it’s own unique look, different from laser engraved or sandcarved glass. Common uses for rotary engraved glass are crystal and glass awards, glass corporate gifts, glassware and more.

Rotary Engraving into Plastic – Rotary engraving is very popular for plastic engraving, decoration and fabrication. Indoor signage including braille and raised letter signs comply with all ADA raised letter regulations. Our rotary engraver system allows you to engrave into virtually any type of plastic material regardless the shape. Some plastic items engraved by a rotary engraver are nametags, nameplates, labels, signs and plaque plates. Martian Laser carries a full line of engraveable plastics in hundreds of different color variations.

Rotary Engraving into Wood – A rotary engraver is a router and can be used to engrave wood by routing and carving it out. The engraving has a bit of a taper as the cutting tool used in the spindle leaves a tapered groove. Rotary wood engraved address and name signs are often seen in front of homes, cabins, parks and more. Rotary engraving adds another component to our line of wood engraving services to help you achieve the exact outcome you are looking to achieve.